Cardalonia: A Fully Decentralized, Customizable Virtual World on Cardano

Blockchain gaming is a growing trend that has seen a lot of popularity recently. These games are slowly changing the gaming industry.

Blockchain concepts like non-fungible tokens and play-to earn, which are now available to gamers, have made it possible for them to reap the benefits of blockchain. These features make games not only an entertainment source but also a passive income source.

Developers are always improving the utility of these metaverse games, and creating more opportunities for players to earn. Blockchain games and the idea behind metaverse are exploding. Cardalonia, one of these games, is built on the Cardano blockchain.

What is Cardalonia?

Cardalonia, a 3D virtual reality metaverse built on the Cardano blockchain, is available. Cardalonia is a fun and engaging virtual world that allows users to acquire 3D NFT avatars and land, socialize and trade with each other, and earn rewards.

Cardalonia will let players create their own experiences in the metaverse. The team behind the project plans to make Cardalonia a multi-player, decentralized ecosystem that connects multiple worlds.

Cardalonia has created the first interactive NFT system that is operational in order to improve the utility and efficiency. Cardalonia’s metaverse brings medieval avatars to life using 3D holographic shading techniques. Rare assets in-game can be traded, fought for and earned on this platform.

What is the process?

By purchasing a piece land, players can choose their fates within the ecosystem. This would determine which clan they belong. There are four clans: the Originals (or Royals), the Lords and Knights (or Peasants), and the Lords and Knights (or Lords and Knights).

They are the original group that discovered Cardalonia’s ecosystem. They are also the pioneers of Cardalonia civilization. They are rare and can only be minted one time every blue Cardalonian Moon, which is about 73 epochs.

The Royals are direct descendents of the OGs, and have rare qualities. Their population is less than 2000. The Knights and Lords are noble clans with close ties to the Royals. To create a Lord or Knight, players can breed peasants.

The most common clan of Cardalonia is the peasant and they are normal planet inhabitants. Due to their limited abilities, they can only live in colonies and have a population size of 227,000.

You will need $LONIA tokens to be able participate in the land pre-sale. After acquiring or renting a Land, users can begin designing and building their experiences. Cardalonia makes it easy for players to build, as each land allows complete control over its play mechanics.

The Cardalonia metaverse will be fully launched once it is. It intends to offer designated land to the community to use for play, work, and wellness. The NFT assets in-game are in development and will soon be available.

Cardalonia: Features

Cardalonia offers several features on its metaverse platform that will sustain the ecosystem’s utility while providing users with value.


To create new clans, players can cross their clan members. These clans have unique and special features that increase the players’ income.

Cardalonia Marketplace

This NFT marketplace allows users to list, buy and sell Cardalonia collectibles. The marketplace allows players to buy land, trade Avatars and in-game power-ups. The marketplace is still in development.


Cardalonia’s staking platform was recently launched. Users can start staking tokens as soon as they acquire them. Staked tokens can be rewarded with up to 25% annual percentage yield (APY).

The LONIA token

LONIA, the native utility token, facilitates all Cardalonia transactions. A total of 100,000,000 LONIA tokens will be available with a strong lock policy. This means that no additional tokens will ever be made in the future.

LONIA token owners will be able to access exclusive NFT drops and a whitelist of clan drops. They also have access to exclusive experiences, perks and items within the Cardalonia ecosystem. The Cardalonia ecosystem can be affected by certain decisions made by holders.

The LONIA token is used to distribute stake rewards. You can also use the token to make purchases or pay rent.

You can purchase LONIA tokens from this page. Token stats state that the sale will last for 6 epochs and that the minimum purchase is 250 ADA. 1 ADA equals 13 LONIA tokens.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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