Axie Infinity Announces the First Winners of its Builders Program

2021 was the year for crypto games and NFTs. Many games gained world-class fame and attracted hundreds of millions of dollars to cryptomarket. The glory was fleeting, however, and 2022 was the worst year for many cryptocurrency games, including Axie Infinity, which was the largest of them all.

Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity added 12 projects to its Builders program on May 31. These projects focused on creating new gaming experiences that will help increase user numbers. This has happened just as the price of its native tokens has fallen exponentially.

Sky Mavi’s press release stated that 12 projects were selected from more than 2000 applications. Axie Infinity’s native currency AXS will award $10,000 to the winners. This money will be used to finance their projects’ development. They can also share them with others by monetizing them using the game’s branding.

Your Axie NFTs can open doors to an endless range of experiences. We are making this a reality today.

We’re ecstatic to present the first 12 projects that we’ve accepted into the Axie Builders Program!

— Axie Infinity

(@AxieInfinity May 31, 2022

xie Infinity wants to strengthen its ecosystem with The Builders Program

Sky Mavis has many initiatives to make users more engaged.

The Builders Program will allow Axie Infinity to draw on the collective knowledge and experience of its community. It will also help develop new game modes for Axie Infinity as a game and Ronin as its standalone blockchain network.

Philip La, head, Axie Infinity’s gaming product, stated that the co-creation of projects with the Axie Infinity community will be “a key driver for value generation at scale over the time.” Axie Infinity must have a strong community to help develop an ecosystem in order to survive in the blockchain world.

The Builders Program is the first in a new world, where players can make meaningful and meaningful contributions to games and projects that they love. It is just one of many initiatives that will help players get more enjoyment from their Axies.

SLP and XS are still trying to recover

AXS was one of the tokens that fell the most during the bearish trend in 2022. It dropped more than 85% from its ATH of $160. The token is currently trading at $18, which many analysts consider support.

AXS-USDT. Image: Tradingview

However, the SLP token, which players receive as a reward for winning in battle mode, has dropped more than 98.80% since reaching its ATH at $0.42 in May 2021. This was due to the controversial decisions made by the developers to stop players from using multiple accounts to receive the rewards.

SLP-USDT. Image; Tradingview

Despite Axie’s declining internal economy, the large community behind the game could help it regain its position at the top of crypto-games — if winter ends.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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