Austin Mayor Proposes Bitcoin to be Accepted for Payments for Taxes, Fees, Penalties

Steve Adler, Austin’s mayor, proposed two initiatives to make Austin a global leader in crypto technology. The first promotes the benefits of Web3 and the second focuses on bitcoin as a payment option.

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A recent statement by Steve Adler, Austin’s Mayor, stated that he seeks to “utilize innovative technologies and improve government processes to better serve Austinites.” He has now turned his attention to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The politician stated that blockchain is not only the backbone for the digital asset sector, but also has many other potential uses, both in the public and private sectors. He believes that the technology can be used to provide innovative solutions to “people experiencing homelessness” and to help people with social problems.

It’s worth noting that Austin has thousands of homeless people. Most of them have a disability.

Adler believes that his city should also embrace the Web3 universe. Austin could benefit from the technology’s ability to improve its supply chain management, as well as its presence in the arts- and media industries.

“The City Manager is responsible for ensuring that the City creates a 37 supportive environment in city government and the community overall that 38 supports the creation and advancement of new technologies, including, without limitation, 39 blockchain and other Web3-related protocols and applications.”

The mayor also mentioned bitcoin. The mayor praised bitcoin’s merits, stating that it is a store-of-value, provides enhanced security, and allows instantaneous transactions across political and geographical boundaries.

He believes Austin should follow New York’s lead and interact more with the digital asset. He proposed that BTC be accepted as a method of payment for municipal taxes, fees and penalties.

Steve Adler Source: Twitter

Miami and New York – America’s Current Crypto Hubs

It’s safe to say that these two cities are the leaders in the US when it comes to digital assets and blockchain technology. Their mayors, Eric Adams of New York and Francis Suarez from Miami, are both bitcoin supporters.

He personally invested in BTC, ETH. He was also the first politician to be paid his salary in digital assets instead of fiat currencies. He also stated that his administration was working to allow residents of the city to pay their taxes using Bitcoin.

We want to do it using bitcoin because that’s what our trust and knowledge allows us to do so. It’s the most trusted and verifiable network we know of.

Eric Adams, the newly elected mayor of New York, also received his salary in crypto and not US dollars. He has repeatedly stated that he wants to make the Big Apple a global center for digital asset technology.

He also suggested that schools should include blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as a subject. Adams stated that digital assets are the future of the monetary systems and that students should be educated about the subject at an early age.

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