Asian Company Uses Blockchain Technology to Prevent Fraud With COVID-19 Vaccines

Zuellig Pharma, an Asia-based medical service company, has created a blockchain platform to improve vaccine tracking and prevent any accidents that could pose a threat to the public’s safety.

Zuellig Pharma’s management software, eZTracker guarantees the authenticity and security of vaccines. It prevents the smuggling and misappropriation of supplies and vaccines during official distribution.

How eZTracker can prevent vaccine fraud

Zuellig Pharma’s eZTracker software ensures transparency throughout the supply chain, by tracking the movements of every package from manufacturing to delivery and administration.

It uses blockchain technology to make the data auditable in real time, offer instant results and do not require intermediaries. It is also resistant to censorship and impervious to intentional tampering of the reported data.

Zuellig Pharma vice-president Daniel Laverick explained that users can verify the authenticity of a product and know its route, as well as obtain valuable information.

“If products are registered with eZTracker, depending on the needs and requirements of our pharma principals,” patients can scan the 2D matrix on product packaging to verify key information such as expiry date, temperature and provenance using its app powered by Blockchain.

Laverick believes Hong Kong is a potential market for eZTracker’s positioning as a monitoring tool for healthcare systems. Zuellig Pharma currently has more than 1000 healthcare facilities across 13 Asian countries.

Blockchain goes beyond crypto

Blockchain technology isn’t new in medicine and logistics. Developers have created proof-of-concepts and practical applications to give distributed ledger and Blockchain technologies an advantage over other approaches that rely on humans or require them to communicate with central servers. While some initiatives have been successful, others have failed to show their worth. However, blockchain technology is expanding its use across different industries.

MediLedger, a startup in the medical sector, offers a service similar eZTracker, but to a wider audience. It guarantees the authenticity and validity medicines that come from affiliated entities.

Similar to the COVID boom. During this time, many proposals for COVID passports using Blockchain to guarantee information on the spread of the virus were made. These passports recorded people’s movements under supervision.

There are already applications for this technology in the food and energy distribution industries. New Balance even uses Cardano to stop counterfeits.

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