Art Through Destruction: Interview With Jake Fried on His Night Vision NFT Series

NFTs have been at the forefront of cryptocurrency in most of 2021 and will continue to attract huge interest in 2022.

While there are some projects that have gone mainstream, such as the Bored Ape yacht Club, most of them fall under the profile-picture umbrella, which has certainly caught the attention of the industry. Many argue that NFTs are more useful and have unlimited potential.

Perhaps this is why artists are attracted to the field. It allows artists to share work on a global platform that is trackable, immutable and verifiable.

Jake Fried. Source: Wikipedia

Jake Fried is one artist who was attracted to this fast-growing scene. Fried’s unique art is currently being developed for an NFT project, the Night Vision Series.

Fried uses ink and whiteout to create hallucinatory scenes. He modifies and shoots the images multiple times to create mind-bending animations designed to change at an alarming pace. Fried’s experimental films are currently being exhibited at many venues around the globe, including the Tate Modern and Sundance Film Festival. Fried has also been commissioned to work for giants like Netflix.

We talk about the beginning, changes, and future of this project in this interview.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your career.

Hi! Hi! My name is Jake Fried. I am an artist, experimental animator and professor. My career began as a painter. However, as I learned more about layering and manipulating images, I discovered what really interested me. I decided to change tracks and become an animator.

We want to know more about you and your style.

To create hallucinatory vistas I use ink, white-out and sometimes add collage or even coffee. Then, I modify and shoot the images repeatedly to create mind-bending animations which evolve at an erratic pace.

One frame at a moment is all that is needed to capture artworks. Then, they are destroyed by creation. Although physical creations are preserved, only a digital record remains.

Please share the details of the entire process.

My work takes time over many months to arrive at and it is not planned. It is created by the act of making. I let the work decide what the next step should be. Art-making for me is a process of discovery. If not, I don’t have any interest.

What about experimental films?

My experimental films have been widely shown internationally. These include the Sundance Film Festival and Tate Modern. In addition to that, I have also done commissioned work for clients such as Adult Swim or Netflix.

How did you get started in NFTs?

In July 2021, I published my first non-fungible tokens. This new era was a delight for collectors and artists.

Since then, I have released several 1/1s on SuperRare. In addition, I have developed a special relationship to Art on Internet (AOI).

We would love to know more about the Night Vision Series.

We are releasing Night Vision Series together with AOI – a collection 1440 frames.

Night Vision Series is made up of NFTs. Each one is a work-of-art where each frame has been named, categorized and put up for purchase. This recontextualizes the source work by preserving Fried’s unique artistic process, “creation through distruction.”

It took eight months to create the series, which demonstrates the amount of work and effort that went into it. Art is created by destruction. Each frame of animation creates a new one.

Jake Fried’s method aims to connect the tangible and the intangible. The result is a series handcrafted artworks that can only ever be preserved and enjoyed digitally.

This website allows you to view, understand, and even purchase each Night Vision frame as an individual art work. Each NFT includes a membership in the Jake Fried Collector’s Club.

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