APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint Arrives with Million-Dollar Prizes to Boost NFT Ecosystems

[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore April 6, 2022]

Following the launch of the Marketplace Testnet, today marks the start of the APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint.

APENFT Marketplace has created a prize pool of $2 million to help outstanding NFT developers, reward those who create the best NFT projects, diversify the NFT ecosystems, and aid in their development.

The APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint is the first step in creating a TRON-powered NFT community. APENFT Marketplace will be a hub for NFT products and a seamless user experience as the platform’s first testnet is launched. Sources say that APENFT Marketplace will launch its mainnet in mid-April, with a virtual launch event across the globe.

All teams must complete all tasks in the time allowed during the Sprint. APENFT will assess each team’s ability to manage their social media accounts and community. APENFT Marketplace is still at its infancy and they are looking for feedback from their users. These suggestions are also a crucial part of the assessment.

APENFT Marketplace will conduct a two week assessment. Each team could win up to $20,000. Participating teams can also receive subsidies on gas for their NFT work to go on-chain. This will reduce development costs.

APENFT Marketplace will also be launching auxiliary incentive campaigns to offer additional benefits to unique, high-quality NFT projects in this Sprint. This is to boost the growth of NFT ecosystems across the platform.

The TRON community has shown strong support for this Developer Sprint. APENFT will host an open Q&A session in the TRON DAO Forum to answer Marketplace and Sprint-related questions. This session will be held from April 11-13. APENFT will reward 50 participants who ask the most interesting questions during this session with swags and perks.

APENFT is the first foundation to link traditional artists and the NFT markets. The foundation’s mission is to create a balanced NFT market by funding high quality projects, encouraging adoption and attracting innovative NFT developers to use TRON to implement their projects.


APENFT was officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021. It is backed by TRON blockchain technology and BitTorrent File System (BTFS), the largest distributed storage system. APENFT’s mission is to support the creator economy and promote financial and cultural inclusion in this metaverse. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate the real and virtual worlds. APENFT Foundation is the first NFT-art foundation to make crossover purchases. We seek to promote inclusion and diversity, increase our multimedia audience, expand our membership, and bridge the conversation between stakeholders from the traditional and digital art worlds. Our collection will be available to the community in the future through curated online exhibitions.

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