Anthony Hopkins is Launching an NFT Collection To Celebrate His Career

Orange Comet, an entertainment company that focuses on NFT minting, promotion services and art+entertainment, announced its partnership to Sir Anthony Hopkins on August 17. This partnership will allow it to launch its first NFT collection.

Orange Comet states that this will be the inaugural series of “The Eternal Collection” NFT series, which will last for three days. Collectors will have access to more than 1000 images of the actor, based on different archetypes, during this time.

Screen Capture of Hopkins’ presentation. Image Orange Comet via Youtube
nthony Hopkins’s Interest in Nfts Beginned With His Movie Zero Contact

After the release of Zero Contact, Hopkins became so interested in an art collection that would immortalize his film career that he asked Snoop Dogg how he could do it.

Vuele, a Web3 creative platform, allows you to view and collect limited-edition feature films as well as NFTs content.

Hopkins spoke out for Yahoo Finance in an interview. He said that NFTs “are a blank canvas to make art in a new format” and that they allow for the sharing of artistic inspiration between people no matter their age.

“I am probably the oldest guy in NFT and social media. This proves that anything is possible at any age.”

The collection will launch at OpenSea in September, according to Dave Broome (CEO of Orange Comet). It will include 10 of Hopkins’ most important character archetypes such as Hannibal Lecter from “Silence of the Lambs”, and Odin from Marvel’s “Thor.”

The Artist’s Film Career in Different Faces is represented by the Collection

Hopkins’ collection was created to allow fans and collectors to visually appreciate all aspects of his career.

Orange Comet CEO Dave Broome stated that it was difficult to create a collection that reflected all of the work Hopkins did throughout his career.

“These are high-pedigree opportunities, and they will always sustain regardless of what happens, and that’s exactly what we expect […] We believe it’s great timing because of the desire for something of such high fidelity with this type of an iconic talent. This is all about IP, art, and brands. Hopkins will be seen as both an artist, and a brand to this world.

Participants at the auction’s first day will have the opportunity to meet Hopkins in a welcome ceremony and lunch. They will also be able take home a signed Hopkins book.

1000 images will be up for auction on the third day. 39 signed Hopkins art books will also be distributed randomly to interested buyers. Five buyers will also be invited to join the actor on Discord.

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