Anonymous Offers Russian Soldiers Over $50K Worth of Bitcoin for Each Surrendered Tank (Report)

Anonymous, a notorious hacker group, has offered to pay Russian troops bitcoin in exchange for their tanks. For each combat vehicle that is surrendered, the group would pay $52,000 in bitcoin.

BTC to Tank Exchange

The Ukrainian side has tried to stop the Russian invasion with weapons and direct combats, but also digitally. Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Vice President for PR, announced that the government would create an IT army. “We need digital talents. There will be jobs for everyone. He explained that we will continue to fight the cyber front.”

Anonymous, an intercontinental hacker group, has conducted numerous cyber-attacks against Russia. The organization hacked into more than 300 Russian targets in just two days and collected over RUB 1 Billion (around $10 Million)

Anonymous offered $52,000 in bitcoin to tank crews for every surrendered battle vehicle, in an attempt to weaken Russia’s power and increase profits. To make it possible for hackers to recognize such vehicles, those who want to exchange them for cryptocurrency must wave a white flag.

Their message reads, “Russian soldiers, anyone who wants to live with his family, children and not die. The Anonymous global community has raised RUB 1,225,000.43 in bitcoin to assist you.”

At the end of February, Anonymous declared war against Vladimir Putin. The group warned then that Russia’s leader would be “faced with unprecedented cyberattacks from every corner of the globe” if he didn’t stop his invasion in Ukraine.

The West Attempts to Stop Putin

The “big powers”, despite not engaging in direct military combat against Russian forces in Ukraine’s, have declared economic war against Russia.

In an effort to reduce its monetary relationship with Western Europe, the EU placed a ban on transactions between the Russian Central Bank and the EU.

Similar measures have been taken in the UK. Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, stated that Russian banks would be exempted from the UK’s financial system.

The USA joined the club by preventing 12 major state-owned businesses from raising money in the States. These include Gazprom, Russia’s largest financial institution, and Sberbank, the energy corporation. A spokesperson for the Biden administration said:

Our strategy is to ensure that Russia’s economy falls behind. So long as President Putin continues to invade Ukraine.”

Many Russians turned to cryptocurrency as an alternative to traditional financial instruments due to the embargoes. Leading digital asset platforms such as Binance and Kraken refused to stop servicing these users despite numerous requests.

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