Ankr Unveils New Upgrade, Ankr Network 2.0, to Decentralize Web3’s Foundational Layer

[PRESS RELEASE- San Francisco, United States of America, 15 July 2022]

Ankr is a world-renowned Web3 infrastructure provider and is pleased to announce Ankr Network 2.0. The whitepaper describes the upgrade as a “Decentralized Marketplace for Web3 Infrastructure.” It includes a complete suite of decentralized products that are essential infrastructure for Web3 growth.

Web3 has been criticized for not being as decentralized as its promoters believe. Web3’s server infrastructure (node), which hosts the underlying blockchains, is largely hosted by data centers and centralized companies. Ankr 2.0 addresses this critical problem by providing new decentralized web services – a protocol that allows independent operators to connect developers to blockchains, and to earn rewards for doing so.

Ankr 2.0 is the missing link to allow Web3 to be decentralized for good. The dream of allowing blockchains to collaborate with multiple infrastructure providers on one network has been a reality for speed, reliability and decentralization. With the Ankr Network, this is now possible. This is a significant step forward for the industry to continue innovating towards an infrastructure capable of handling mass adoption over the coming years,” stated Greg Gopman (chief marketing officer at Ankr).

It took over a year to create the new Ankr Network. Ankr had been transitioning its centralized infrastructure business into a decentralized protocol. This created the first-of their kind node infrastructure protocol that the industry can collaborate on. For all stakeholders, the fully decentralized Ankr Network offers the following enhancements:

Independent Node Providers for Full Nodes

Independent node providers are able to serve traffic and earn rewards through the Ankr Network. Organisations with full nodes can connect to the Ankr Network for rewards, even if their projects aren’t using them. Ankr’s global network of independent nodes can be connected to Ankr’s global network to support all types of blockchain requests, including Advanced APIs which simplify and streamline data querying.

Developers connect to a decentralized RPC layer

Ankr Network is powered by independent node providers. This means that developers, dApps and wallets as well as all other projects can now use the service to connect to blockchains. These parties all pay as they go when they request blockchains (around $7.2 billion per day), and this income is divided between the node providers and the community that helps secure full nodes.

Greater utility of the ANKR token and first ever instance in which full nodes can be staked

The ANKR token is a key component of all operations on the new Ankr Network.

Developers pay to have access to on-chain data (RPC request) in ANKRIIndependent node providers service blockchain requests to earn ANKRStakers donate ANKR to nodes in order to secure the network, share in the rewards and stake full nodes on Ankr Network. Anyone can stake to all nodes and receive rewards for RPC traffic served. Ankr Network is a decentralized infrastructure marketplace that allows more stakeholders to profit from its growth.
nkr DAO to Democratize Services

Ankr Network will transition to a new DAO framework in order to encourage consensus-based decision-making. In the initial phase, Ankr DAO will democratize decision-making in three core areas.

Deciding where to allocate funds to the Ankr Treasury in order to encourage protocol growth and reward system growth.

Ankr is the creator of the Web3’s future foundation, the largest global network of nodes in the industry. It currently handles approximately 250 billion requests per month from 50 blockchain chains. Additionally, it provides RPC services to 17 blockchain partners. This makes it the largest RPC provider within the industry. Ankr offers a range of tools to help dApp developers build Web3 applications quickly and easily.

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