Ankr Partners with Polygon to Enhance the Web 3 Building Experience for Supernet Developers

[PRESS RELEASE – San Francisco, United States, 19th September 2022]

Ankr is a world-renowned Web3 infrastructure provider and is delighted to announce that it has partnered up with Polygon, a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform, to improve the building experience for Web3 developers looking to create application-specific Blockchains using Polygon Supernets.

Supernets, powered by the modular blockchain stack Polygon Edge is EVM-compatible and interoperable. It can also be customized. Developers can create their own decentralized network without having to maintain blockchain infrastructure. With the help of Polygon’s professional validater partners, Supernets allow developers to quickly set up decentralized validator sets.

Ankr’s App Chains has been approved as the infrastructure vendor for Polygon Supernets. It provides an end-to–end engineering solution that combines security, throughput and customizability. App Chains allow Web3 developers the ability to create custom blockchains that are tailored to their applications. Supernets offers premium tools and services to enhance the developer experience.

Web3 must be more popular than Web2. Streamlining Web3 development is the only way to improve the UX. We are thrilled to partner Polygon Supernets to provide the infrastructure and tools for developers to build more efficiently. Ankr App chain Infra can be combined with Polygon Supernets to supercharge high-quality Web3 gaming, financial products and other decentralized applications,” stated Kev Silk.

Ankr and Polygon want to make Web3 easier, faster, and more affordable. It is essential to simplify blockchain development and allow for app-specific customization. This will make Web3 more accessible to all. Polygon Supernets allow developers to quickly create a high-performing, custom blockchain network.

Any smart contract, dApp, or smart contract written in Solidity, Vyper, or any other language, can be deployed on a Polygon Supernet. Developers will be able to choose which programming languages, consensus mechanisms and development frameworks to use with Ankr’s App Chains.

Parth Pathak is the General Manager at Polygon Supernets. He stated, “Polygon could not be more excited to partner ANKR for providing top-quality tooling for creating dedicated blockchains.” Polygon Supernets allows enterprises, gaming, and entertainment companies to quickly power up dedicated app-specific chains, which are tuned for the best EVM performance. Polygon brings together ANKR, one of the most respected Web3 providers in the world, into an ecosystem that empowers any team to create their own blockchain. Supernets will bring Web3’s next billion users.

Web3 developers have the ability to create Supernets that can run a specific project or application. They are protected by the Polygon protocol and maintained by certified partners. By default, the Supernets can be used in conjunction with the Ethereum blockchain.

Ankr allows developers to create their own blockchains using Polygon Edge. This will solve the two biggest barriers that are holding back Web3 adoption: slow transaction speeds and high gas costs. Each dApp has its own blockchain, so there’s no competition in storage and computation. Scalability is permitted to flourish.


Ankr is the creator of the Web3’s future foundation, the largest global network of nodes in the industry. It currently handles approximately 250 billion requests per month on 30 different blockchain chains. In addition, it provides RPC services to 18 blockchain partners. Ankr offers a range of tools for developers, including the Liquid Staking SDK and Web3 Gaming SDK. These tools allow dApp developers build Web3 apps quickly.

Ankr Partners With Polygon to Enhance Web 3 Building Experiences for Supernet Developers appeared originally on CryptoPotato.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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