Analyst Explains the Five Stages of Ethereum Development

Although Ethereum’s Merge upgrade, which has been a long time coming, is now available. However it is far from the final milestone in the smart contract platform’s development roadmap. Miles Deutscher, a crypto analyst, recently posted a tweet explaining the five phases that the network must go through before it reaches completion.

The Surge and the Merge

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, named the five phases as “The Merge”, “The Surge”, “The Verge,” and “The Purge.”

Merging will be the merging of Ethereum’s current blockchain (the execution level) with the Beacon Chain, the consensus layer. It will also transform Ethereum’s consensus mechanism, which is now proof of work, to proof of stake.

This move will reduce Ethereum’s power consumption by 99% and decrease the asset’s net issue. Many expect ETH issuance will become net negative, which gives it the name of “ultrasoundmoney”.

After an ecosystem developer announced that the Merge upgrade could be live by September 19, the asset surged. Vitalik stated that Merge testing is now at 90% and that Ethereum will be around 55% complete after its implementation.

The next phase is “The Surge”, which will bring sharding onto the Ethereum blockchain. Sharding, a scaling solution, breaks Ethereum into different partitions or “shards”, to spread the network’s computational load. Based on Vitalik’s January expectations, this upgrade will bring Ethereum to approximately 80% completion.

The Verge and Purge are the three main types of splurge

The Verge is the name of the new “powerful upgrade” to Merkle proofs, which improves data storage on Ethereum nodes. This will allow for more blockchain transactions, while keeping the blockchain decentralized. It will also aid in Ethereum scaling.

“The Purge” is a similar upgrade regarding data storage for validators (aka future ETH stakeholders). It will decrease the amount of hard drive space needed for validators, including historical data and bad debt. This will streamline storage and reduce network congestion.

The final upgrade will be “The Splurge”, a series “miscellaneous upgrades” that are intended to keep the network running smoothly after the previous four stages have been completed.

Vitalik spoke to Peter McCormack about the differences in attitudes between Ethereans and Bitcoiners regarding blockchain upgrades.

He said that Bitcoiners consider Bitcoin complete at 80%, while Ethereumrs consider Ethereum complete at 40%.

Vitalik said in a May Twitter thread that he partly envies Bitcoin’s “long-term stability”. He recognizes, however, that Ethereum will need to make a lot more “active short-term changes” before it can reach this point.

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