11 Years Ago, Satoshi Dropped a Final Message: “There’s More Work to Do”

It’s no secret that Satoshi Nakamoto is the father of Bitcoin. However, it is still a mystery as to who the pseudonymous tag belonged to.

Satoshi’s Final Message

It’s interesting to note that Satoshi left a message to inform early Bitcointalk members that there was still much work to do to improve the network on December 12, 2010. This was eleven years ago.

Satoshi continued to communicate with the community over the next two-years, explaining different aspects of the Bitcoin ecosystem, after he published the Bitcoin whitepaper in Oct 2008.

Satoshi: You have more work to do

WikiLeaks was an international whistleblower organization that Julian Assange founded in December 2010. It revealed plans to use bitcoin to raise funds through its decentralized payment system. Because most of the major payment processors were blocking donations, it chose BTC.

Satoshi, however, was not happy with the idea. He noted that adoption would draw an unwelcome amount of government attention towards Bitcoin. He described it as “kicking the hornet’s nest”.

“No, you don’t bring it on. WikiLeaks is urged to stop trying to use Bitcoin. Bitcoin is still a tiny beta community. It would be impossible to make more than your pocket money, and the heat that you would bring would probably destroy us at this stage.”

Satoshi posted a final message to the forum the day after his warning. It was on December 12, 2010. He informed developers that there are still many things to be done to make Bitcoin software more resistant to DoS attacks.

“I have more work to do in DoS. But I am doing a quick build of the things I have before I move on to more complicated ideas. This is version 0.3.19… I added some DoS controls.

Gavin and myself have made it clear that the software isn’t immune to DoS attacks. Although this is a significant improvement, there are many other ways to attack. The -limitfreerelay portion is just a switch. It’s still there if you want it.

Satoshi vanished immediately after he sent his last message to the forum. He remains the largest mystery in cryptocurrency industry today. We know some interesting facts about the man who created Bitcoin, even though he is still unknown.

11 years later

It has been more than a decade since Satoshi Nakamoto stopped all communication with the Bitcoin community. The project they started with $0 in public funding has grown to a trillion-dollar asset that has created a multitrillion-dollar industry. This industry has given birth to many unicorn companies and thousands upon thousands of cryptocurrency projects.

Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency. Protocol developers continue to work around the clock to make the network more secure and robust. The Taproot upgrade was the long-awaited Taproot.

El Salvador has adopted cryptocurrency as a legal tender. Big corporations such as MicroStrategy and Tesla now use Bitcoin as a reserve asset, or as a payment method.

However, despite the many achievements Bitcoin has made in its 12 year existence, there is still much to be done, as Satoshi correctly stated.

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